present an interpretive argument to drive your literary analysis.

must also find and use one or two academic/scholarly/peer-reviewed articles must also find and use one or two academic/scholarly/peer-reviewed articles to help support and contextualize your approach and argument. must recognize your chosen text/s as historical documents created in a particular historical context (up to the 17th Century). After gathering ideas and possible pieces, do a little preliminary research regarding what scholars have been arguing about the specific piece/s you chose and then read an academic article to see how others have interpreted the literature. Then, take note of where you agree and disagree, formulate your own interpretation and begin writing. If you want a little more context, feel free to read another article and build your argument off of the two pieces of academic literary criticism. Make sure that your argumentative interpretation and analysis takes the scholar or scholars’ views into consideration, but diverges from them in some way and explores a different and unique way of viewing, understanding, and seeing the text. Cite short passages from the text/s to support your claims and provide examples. The two stories I want the paper to be about are “The dream of the rood” and “Sir Gawain and the green knight”.

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