Nutritional teaching project

Teaching Project Guidelines
• Purpose: The purpose of the patient/family teaching project is to develop and implement a teaching plan for a geriatric patient utilizing teaching learning principles.
• Objectives: By the conclusion of the presentation, the students will be able to:
o State the various indications for a specified diet
o Explain the scientific rationale for a prescribed diet
o Describe food/fluid restrictions appropriate for diet or food/fluids encouraged to meet nutritional needs?
o Describe how to present a short nutritional teaching plan to a patient& family with cultural differences.
o Apply current research related to the nutrition topic.
• Requirements:
o Utilize teaching experience rubric for essential criteria.
o The paper should be between 3-5 pages (not including title page and references).
o The paper must be typed and conform to APA format.
o A minimum of two references are required.
o Written paper is due during the 7th week on the assigned clinical day.
Nutritional Guidelines
The student will be assigned the therapeutic diet down below

Full and clear liquid diets

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