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Causal Argument Essay: Come up with a paper topic based on a cause-and-effect relationship that not everyone agrees exists. If there is no disagreement then you do not have a causal argument.
Method: Using Inductive reasoning to establish the probability of a Causal Relationship.
Induction, also known as “the scientific method,” is a form of reasoning by which we make generalizations based on a limited number of specific observations. However, because this method does not account for all possibilities, inductive reasoning yields only the probability of truth, not its certainty.
Probability-Based upon Specific Cases or Observations.
Using this method, your strategy will be simply to throw all of the persuasive evidence you can to the reader. All of these individual pieces of evidence could be considered as individual observations leading you to your conclusion. As far what form that evidence will take, you have the following options:
1. Specific examples
2. Facts and statistics
3. The views of authorities in the field

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