Mate Selection and Sexual Selection

1. List three physical traits that you find attractive in a mate from a biological perspective, not cultural (for example, you may be attracted to red lipstick, but that is not a biological trait!)
a. Identify if the trait is a response to an environmental adaptation or due to mutation resulting in genetic variation.
b.What force of evolution led to the traits. (For example, if listing a man’s chin, as a desired trait, explain this relates to his testosterone level.
c. Remember that your preferred sex is not a judgement, but simply genetic.
2. To help you to determine the biology of beauty, review The Rules of Attraction in the Game of Love and the scholarly journal entitled Evolution of Human Mate Choice.
3. Write one paragraph on each of your three physical traits and be sure to focus on the biological rather than the cultural factors.
4. Address how each of the three physical factors relate to sexual selection. Offer an example for each of your three physical features to demonstrate whether it helps with advertising or competing for a mate. Be creative, yet realistic.
5. Conclude with a paragraph explaining how these traits relate to mate selection and the passing of genetic material across multiple generation.
Additional resources can be found online by searching for biology and beauty, biology and mate selection, and science and symmetry.

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