Linguistic aspects of presidential inaugural addresses: Abraham Lincoln (1861), John Kennedy (1961), Barak Obama (2009).

– Start by analysing the most recent speech (Obama) and then the others.
– Please make VERY CLEAR the methodolody you have used in the intruction part at the beginning.
– after each analysis of each inaugural speech, please make a table of the speech acts. The professor wants to see the analysis in a table as well with all the info.
– In the analysis of each speech, please give A LOT OF examples derived from the texts.
– Please at the end, do not forget to add the coding data in the appendix
– Analyse also analyse the speeches according to the Searle’s taxonomy of speech acts (I have added a literature reference in the document of ”Term Paper Proposal Research Trends”). Also, please check what type of linguistic elements the presidents use in their speeches ex. pronouns like ”we” etc etc

I will come back to you with extra instructions if needed 🙂 Thank you !

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