Latino Theology

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All answers should come from the text “latino theology” by miguel de la torre

How did you feel while reading this book? (Joy? Sadness? Anger? Surprise? Confusion?….). What did you gain from this book? Did it help you understand Hispanics and their approach to religion? What is the most important thing you learned from this book? How did this book help you achieve the educational goals of our course? Use some quotations to clarify your answer.

Why did Latino Christians feel the need to create a different theology (i.e. Latino Theology) within the universe of American Christianity? Explain the social and religious context that produces Latino theology. How are Hispanics viewed by mainstream Americans and what are the characteristics of their living conditions in America?

When and where did Latino theology originate? Who are its leading founders (Name some major events and some major Latino theologians and their contribution to Christian theological thought).

Provide a definition of Latino theology and its major characteristics
What are the specific characteristics of Hispanic Christianity or the religious beliefs of Hispanics? How is Hispanic Christianity different from the Christianity of mainstream America?

What is the major contribution of Latino theology to Christianity in general?

Why is Africa important for a good understanding of Latino theology? (be very specific in your answer). What kind of role do African traditional religious beliefs and practices play in Hispanic Christianity? Explain the specific influence of African religious worldview on Hispanic Christianity, in so doing name some religions of African origin that are found among Hispanics

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