How to find and keep a healthy relationship

Watch the video below and answer the questions in paragraph form.
Red Table Talk How to Find and Keep a Healthy RelationshipHow to Find and Keep a Healthy Relationship on YouTube

It is 45:26 long and was posted 12/05/2022
1. Discuss your opinion of how the men are portrayed in this video. Discuss in detail.
2. Are any religious references mentioned in this video? What do most religions teach about marriage and or family?
3. What vocabulary words pertaining to marriage and family were mentioned in this video? Define two of the vocabulary words used. Explain the reference in which each vocabulary word was used.
4. Of the three guests at the table, which of the guests did you agree with? Find their YouTube videos, watch one and summarize it. Add the link to their video on page 3 of your writing assignment.
2 full page minimum with a combined 1200 word minimum requirement. You can upload as a document. It is easiest to create the document in Word and then copy and paste it into the text box.
-20 if two full pages are not met
-10 for use of contractions (exp: don’t, won’t, can’t, etc.)Watch the video below and answer the questions in paragraph form.

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