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Healthcare in the United States is at a crossroads and faces challenges unparalleled in our nation’s history. This project will be developed throughout the term as you learn more about health economics. The project is a 6-8 page paper (NOT including the title page or the reference page) that could be presented to either boards of directors or legislators to implement your plan.

Select a current health care economic issue such as the ACA, health care spending, prescription drugs, impact of current legislation on health care, medical care for an aging population, or the impact of illegal immigrants on health care economics in the United States or recommend for approval another topic in health economics. Be sure to address:

Description of the issue
Perform a literature search on the topic. Find at least five articles and provide a summary of the articles. Articles must be less than 5 years old.
Research and identify possible economic solutions. The solutions need not be extensive, but should represent possible solutions that have been identified in the research effort.
Explain each of your possible solutions that were identified including the pros and cons of each of the possible solutions.
Determine and explain which solution appears to be the most effective.
Explain your reasoning for choosing the proposed solution.
Explain why the solution will work.
List the steps that are needed to implement your solution.
This paper is to be formatted in APA style. Please seek out and use the embedded Librarians as well as all links and modules in the course! Make sure to use APA style, references, and citations:

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