Hamilton Jail Registers: 1894-1907

Hello, this assignment is analyzing the data on the excel sheet that i have attached.
You need to make graphs that explain certain categories in the excel sheet such as age, religion, repeat offenders, sex, occupation.
You are writing an essay that explain the graphs and stats of each category and explain why that may be the conclusion of those stats/data.
You can put the graphs throughout the essay as you explain each one.
Relate the conclusions to real life and whats going on in that time period.
Add information relating to population growth between those years (it is all found in the logarithims doc).
When a raw number is used in the essay, you need to add the percenatge.
You need excel to to sort the data of the chart i provided and separate everything to make the pivot tables and then the graphs.
This essay is around 1.5k words but it may be longer than 5 pages due to the graphs taking up space.
Please only do this assigment if you have experience with excel.
I have provided the instructions sheet that further explains everything that you need to do. Please follow it carefully and feel free to ask me any questions. Thank you!

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