Explain where you would look for alternative insights.

C Layer: Select two to complete

1. Draw a map of a complex problem of interest to you within your discipline. Include your predicted solution.

2. Find a magazine article, Facebook post, or internet article pertaining to your desired profession. Explain why you choose this piece and how you could contribute to this professional community.

3. List seven beliefs that you hold. For each of these, ask what sort of new information would be required for you to change your belief.

B Layer: Complete the assignment

In Chapter 8, Example 1 was mapped for you. Do the same for Example 2 on climate change or Example 3 on Latin American novelist. Explain where you would look for alternative insights.

A Layer: Complete the assignment

What are the major decisions you see yourself making in the near future? Again, examine the assumptions, information, and especially the purposes that are involved in these decisions. Does being explicit to yourself about goals, assumptions, and information guide you to better decisions? Have you been favoring some goals over others? Is there additional information you should seek? Are there assumptions that deserve to be questioned?

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