Essay on Ted Talks

Here is the topic and the basis of the assignment, the two videos are primary sources of information to be talked about and cited on the reference page and in the text. You can also use a scholarly source as long as it is academic and relevant to the topic, I will attach some course slides that have more information on theories so you can take information and cite from there as well. Please and thank you!

There are two videos assigned from this term. The first video Links to an external site. is a Ted Talk by Sachi Maniar titled ” Should Juvenile Criminal Justice System focus on Rehabilitation or Punishment?” and the second video Links to an external site. is also a Ted Talk by Monique W. Morris “Why Black girls are targeted for punishment at school and how to change that.” Please watch each video and answer the following questions about each video:
-What is the purpose of the video?
-What concept is being discussed?
-What is the argument being advanced?
-What are your thoughts about this Ted Talk? Would you recommend it to people who are not familiar with the subject matter?
-What did you appreciate from this Ted Talk? (Think about the strengths)
-What did you not like about this Ted Talk? What would you have liked to learn more about that the video didn’t cover? (Think about the weaknesses)
-How does this video inform your understanding of the juvenile justice system?
-What changes, if any, would you make to the juvenile justice system if you had the chance based on the information you learned from the video?
-How do the videos relate to the class?
-Does the video illustrate a theory or theories we’ve discussed in class? If so, which ones? Explain.

First Ted Talk:
Second Ted Talk:

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