Discuss how the episodes of the John Adams mini-series reflect the Revolutionary era of American history. discuss the historical accuracy, how Adams is connected to major historical events, link to the primary sources and readings we have discussed, etc.

The paper is due at 11:59 PM by Sunday, March 19. No late submissions will be accepted.

800-1000 words
double spaced
12 pt font
1 inch margins
use at least three primary sources from the course
Chicago Style footnotes (see below for info/examples)
word count at bottom of last page

Successful essays will use significant material from the course readings in responding to the question. Be sure to cite all evidence taken from a source—whether it is a quotation, a summary of an author’s point, or even a simple fact. All citations should be in Chicago Style footnotes or endnotes. They are not difficult. It is the same concept as parenthetical references, just at the bottom of the page. All word processing programs have a footnote function. In MSWord, for example, it is usually under References>Insert Footnote. In the footnote, you place the author’s name, the work cited, the publication information, and the page number where the information can be found. Failure to use the specified citation style will result is a 5 point deduction.

Because you are using pre-selected sources, no bibliography is required.

Note: the use of sources from outside of the course is not permitted. The use of unauthorized sources will result in your paper being rejected for a rewrite and a 5 point penalty will be assessed.
Academic Integrity

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