Difficulties that one faces while attending school and working

• This is a five-paragraph essay, so you will need one paragraph of ethos, one paragraph of logos, and one paragraph of pathos that you are going to elaborate on for the body.
• When forming your thesis, make sure the main idea and your opinion on it is clearly stated. Do not make declarations such as “This paper is about”, or “In this essay, I will talk about”.
• For example: If my topic was bullying in public schools, and school uniforms should be mandatory; I would not say “In this essay…” Instead, I would state something like:
• “Because bullying among adolescents has increased 70% in the last 2 years, school uniforms should be mandatory to eliminate socioeconomic factors”.
• The main idea and opinion are implied. So, do this with your thesis/claim. Also, your rough draft does not have to include ALL the requirements as far as in-text citations, grammatical issues, etc. However, it does need to be almost complete.
• Remember: ALL essays must be MLA formatted, have at least 3 sources, and contain in-text citations

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