Determine how social process and trait theories relate to school shootings

The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with the opportunity to identify at least two or three school shootings or attempted school shootings over the past two decades to determine how social process and trait theories relate to school shootings.
Additionally, your assignment on attempted or actual school shootings should address the following questions:
▪ Historically, what motivates a person to commit school shootings? Does peer pressure influence such shootings? If so, how?
▪ What personality traits are common among school shooters?
▪ What is the average age of a school shooter?
▪ How many of the school shooters were students at the school where the shooting happened or had some level of relationship with the school?
▪ What can school districts, local law enforcement, community leaders, and state and federal governments do to minimize the probability of future school shootings?
▪ What, if any, innovations in technology can contribute to minimizing school shootings?

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