Describe the industry-standard methodology guiding the solution’s design and development.

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Please read Proposolas 1 &2 to get an over view of the assignment. Then view “v1 rough draft” I have already complied 70% of the required information it needs to be rephrased (emphasis on rephrased) and formatted correctly. Please correct any grammatical, and formatting errors.

Write a report of the security problem under investigation by doing the following:
A. Describe the security problem under investigation for your proposed project.
1. Justify why the identified security problem under investigation was chosen, including a description of the severity of the problem.
2. Describe the background information of the security problem in the context of the environment where the security problem is situated, and demonstrate the need for a solution.
a. Provide documentation related to the background information that demonstrates the need for a solution.
3. Summarize each root cause of the problem in the identified environment where the security problem is situated, including any supporting evidence, if applicable.
B. Summarize each internal and external project stakeholder role by including each of the following:
• individual stakeholder implementation involvement and associated individual needs
• how the security problem affects each stakeholder
• stakeholder influence on the projects’ objectives and outcomes
C. Describe the existing and additionally collected data used to support decision-making throughout the project.
D. Explain the functional and detailed requirements to carry out the proposed project.
1. Describe the industry-standard methodology guiding the solution’s design and development.
2. Describe the project launch, including all phases of the rollout, the criteria used to determine the conclusion of implementation, and the project management strategy for implementation.
3. Describe the likelihood of all implementation risks and their impact on the project.
E. Describe the training approach, including the audience, delivery, content, and duration.
F. Describe the required resources necessary to execute each project phase and provide sources for all costs.
G. Describe all final project deliverables associated with the design and development of the technology solution.
1. Estimate the projected timeline, including each of the following:
• each milestone and its duration
• start and end dates
• resources assigned to each task
H. Describe the evaluation framework that will be used to assess the success of the project, including the project outcomes.
1. Describe the formative and summative test plans for the solution, including all required procedures and tools.
2. Describe the minimal acceptance criteria and key performance indicators for project acceptance as they align with your formative and summative test plans.
3. Justify the test cases and scenarios in the environment of the security problem being addressed.
4. Explain how you will analyze your results.
I. Acknowledge sources, using in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.
J. Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission.

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