Depression before and after Covid

– Below are the two sources that I found.
My topic for the research paper is Depression.
Factors Associated with University Students’ Deterioration from Subthreshold Depression to Depression before and during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Authors: Takagaki, Koki1 (AUTHOR)
Yokoyama, Satoshi2 (AUTHOR)
This is the title of one of the peer reviewed source that I plan on using.
Overall this article talks about how stressful universities are or in other words how schools have been stressful for students attending. In a little more detail they do talk about the statistics of before and after covid
The reason I have chosen this article is because this is our everyday struggle since covid. Though some people take advantage and like to loosely use the word feely depressed to get away with things; there are some many people who are out there still trying to move forward while battling actual depression.
The association between social factors and COVID-19 protective behaviors and depression and stress among midwestern US college students.
Authors: Garcia Colato, Edlin1 (AUTHOR)
Ludema, Christina2 (AUTHOR)
Rosenberg, Molly2 (AUTHOR)
Kianersi, Sina2 (AUTHOR)
Luetke, Maya3 (AUTHOR)
Chen, Chen2 (AUTHOR)
Macy, Jonathan T.1 (AUTHOR)
This is the title of another peer reviewed source that I will be using for the research paper.
Overall this article talks about the studies that were taken to be able to come up with the numbers and stats of people of what might contribute to stress and depression

1. Cover Page: The first page of your paper should be a cover sheet that includes a title that communicates the content of your paper, your name, date, title of the class, and any other information you feel is necessary.
2. 2nd page: Abstract (-up to 250 words): An abstract for the paper that is no longer than 250 words. It should be single-spaced and should be placed immediately preceding the introduction.
3. Introduction (pages 1-2 pages): This section should contain the article that caught your attention about the sociological issue and then the discussion about why you chose this topic, what interested you about the article. You will discuss your specific research topic, any background necessary for the reader (e.g., historical context), and a short introductory explanation of why your topic is sociologically relevant and interesting, and how it contributes to existing literature.
4. Literature Review (pages 3-5 pages): This section should contain a summary and synthesis of existing research related to your topic (the 2 peer reviewed journal articles you chose) and an explanation of how your topic contributes to existing research, either theoretically or empirically.
5. Conclusion
Your paper should have the following o Name and define your topic
o Explain your interest in this particular population o Describe the population, including statistics.
o Brief historical background of the treatment of this particular population and any other historical issues that you feel are pertinent
o Issues that impact this particular population o Government regulations that impact this population
• Student’s overall impression of the information they have found through their research

Please find one source from this book I’ve been below.
– Disability
A Diversity Model Approach in
Human Service Practice
Romel W. Mackelprang
Eastern Washington University
Richard O. Salsgiver
California State University, Fresno)

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