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Company: CVS Health
1. Assess External Environment – What are the dominant characteristics in PESTLEEG (Political, Economic, Socicultural, Technological, Legal, Ethical, Environmental, Global/geographical) Factors for your researched firm? Use minimum 3 references. You can use my co-authored article under Lessons to see the PESTLEEG Factors Framework under Institutions Based View.
2. Key Success Factors – What are the industries key success factors? There should be 4 to 6 of these. Describe each factor. Use minimum 3 references.
3. Driving forces – what are the industry’s driving forces? You must use Porter’s Five Forces (R.N.S.B.S.) framework to collect data, and analyze your positions in your industry. Use minimum 3 references.
4. Competitive Rivals – Identify and describe each specific competitive rival in the industry. How are they competing? Expect to have a few paragraphs and tables or charts discussing each of the main competitors. Use minimum 3 references.
5. Positioning – Put together a strategic group map using the key competitive characteristics of the industry and elaborate. Use minimum 3 references.
6. Strategic Performance- How well is the strategy working? Are they seeing improvement in finances and/or market position? Use minimum 2 APA references.
7. Competitive Resources – What are their core competencies? Use minimum 1 APA reference.
8. SWOT Analysis and VRIO Evaluation – perform a SWOT analysis and VRIO Core Competence Evaluation. Need detailed analysis here. Use mimimum 3 APA references.
9. Costs – Describe the costs associated with bringing the product to market. Are they in line with their competitors (higher, lower, equal). How do they reduce costs? (Partnerships, acquisitions, etc.). How have fluctuations in commodity (corn, wheat, etc.) prices impacted them? Do they have control over costs through vertical integration and supply chain control or are they at the mercy of their partners? Use minimum 3 APA references.
10. Price- Are prices competitive? Do they have a variety of price points enabling the company to target a variety of market segments? Use minimum 1 APA reference.
11. Competitive Strategy – Which of the 5 Porter’s generic competitive strategies do they employ? What are the risks they are taking by using this strategy? Is this strategy well matched to their internal situation? Do they have the resources and competitive capabilities to use this strategy successfully against rivals? Use minimum 3 APA references.

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