Consult multiple sources of information, including the agency’s website, brochures and pamphlets, an annual report, or other public information. This paper should be between 8-11 pages, not including the cover page, attachments, or reference pages.

The paper should address the following:
• Name of Agency/organization 5pts
• What is the mandate of the agency/organization (e.g., the agency’s mission statement)? 5pts
• Name of your practicum setting within your agency (e.g., department or program within the agency) 5pts
• What is the mandate of your practicum setting (if different from the agency’s mission)? 5pts
• What services are provided to users in your practicum setting and how are these services complementary to the services offered by your agency? 5pts
• What value systems underlie the services to users in your practicum setting? 5pts
• Describe a brief history of your practicum setting 5pts
• Describe your agency’s funding base 5pts
• Describe your agency’s organizational structure 5pts
• Describe the composition of staff 5pts
• Describe the clientele 5pts
• Describe the community of your practicum setting 5pts
• Describe your assignment (your role) within the agency setting 5pts
• What are you most concerned about learning from your field placement? 5pts
• What are your professional strengths and weaknesses? 5pts
• Describe the things that others say that you need to work on 15pts
• Do you feel this field placement will offer a challenge to you? Why? 15pts
• APA style Times New Roman Font size 12

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