Condition of dementia in senior citizens of saskatchewan

Assignment Goal: This assignment will help you identify and organize information using different health concepts and disciplinary perspectives to create a multilevel analysis of a health issue for a particular target group using Dahlgren & Whitehead’s framework as a template. You will submit a written report 1500-2000 words and a share a poster that outlines your key findings and recommendations.
The summary report will include:
• Brief description of the target group and the issue under study, using epidemiological information and measures to show how the distribution of the disease/condition is a concern for the group you are studying.
• Analysis of factors at individual, social and ecosystem levels that affect how the group experiences this condition. (You may select factors that make the condition worse as well as factors that have a protective effect.)
• Summary of (2-3) key findings and 2 recommendations for action.
Important Tasks
1. Select your topic and identify a segment of the population for study.
I recommend that you keep the same topic for the case analysis that you used for the annotated bibliography. Within your topic area identify a segment of the population that is affected by a problem. For example, if your topic is obesity you should narrow your study to rural children or university students or immigrant seniors or something like that. Put some geographic limits on your group (Regina, small towns) for the purpose of analysis. Use your previous reading to help you select a group of interest and ensure that it won’t be too hard to find research material. Feel free to select a topic/group that you have a personal connection to, but don’t write about your personal feelings or experience without some back up from published research.
2. Describe the characteristics of the population segment and how it is affected by the condition.
Use appropriate data sources from public health surveys or published research. For example, if your segment is university students, use data to show that obesity is a measurable problem among students or how patterns of obesity have changed. If you can’t find statistics for your specific geographic area or community it is OK to make a connection to higher level studies or studies from comparable places.
3. Describe the main individual, social and eco-system factors that influence this health issue. The concept map will help you visualize the health problem and organize multiple factors. Use appropriate and current research materials (with proper referencing) to help you identify and explain determinants included in your analysis.
4. Write up your analysis
5. Finish the assignment with a summary and your own recommendations
Summarize the key findings that influence your target population with reference to this issue, and recommend 2 actions at different levels that might change the trajectory and improve outcomes for the population. Explain how your proposed actions might work. (This part should be original and references are not required.)

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