Case Study Powerpoint

Create a four- to five-minute video or audio-driven PowerPoint presentation breakdown of the case study.

Mr. Smith
Mr. Smith is a 67-year-old male with no significant medical history. He has a family history of heart disease; his brother and father both experienced cardiac disease that required surgical intervention under the age of 50. He is married, has two grown children, and is close to retirement. He goes yearly for a physical, gets the annual flu shot, and had the pneumococcal vaccine three years ago. He is up to date with his tetanus toxoid vaccine. He received his last one two years ago.

Mr. Smith reported to the ED due to a funny feeling in his chest. EKG showed A-Fib, Mr. Smith wasCardioverted, admitted to Cardiac Unit and placed on meds. Nurse returns and notices Mr. Smith is acting funny. Upon assessment, the nurse noticed a left-sided facial droop, slurred speech, and an inability to hold up his left arm for any longer than three seconds.


Choose one of the case study topic areas (Ischemic Stroke) and provide an overview of the disease process using the Framework of Pathophysiology to describe the following:

Clinical manifestations (including stages and clinical course)
Treatment implications

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