Archaeology of Prehistoric Europe: Neolithic Writing Exercise

For this writting exercise, you will read two archaeological articles and explain how the research results resented in the articles adds to or revises information that we are learning. The purpose of these exercises is to help you to see the connection between original research conductuted in archaeology and the synthesis of research results as present in textbooks and in lectures.

Please read the following two articles about the Neolithic Period and discuss how the research results from specific studies such as these become incorporated into our broader understanding of human activity during the Neolithic Period.
(Articles attached)

1. Hamon, Caroline et al. 2021. Food practices of the first farmers of Europe: Combined use-
wear and microbotanical studies of Early Neolithic grinding tools from the Paris Basin.
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 36, 102764 (25 pages).

2. Müller-Scheessel, Nils et al. 2021. New burial rites at the end of the Linearbandkeramik in
south-west Slovakia. Antiquity 95, 379:65-84

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