An Examination of Climate Change and Economic Development in Morocco

The research paper (3000 – 3200 words) will examine the interaction between a
particular environmental issue and social, economic, and/or political development
strategies or processes in one to two countries. The paper may build on topics covered in
the course (e.g., energy transitions, biodiversity protection) or explore new topics related
to environmental policy (e.g., fisheries, waste management).
Paper proposals include
 a description of the proposed topic (200 – 250 words)
 plus an annotated list of at least five (5) academic (peer-reviewed) publications.
The topic description should
 identify the proposed topic,
 provide a clear research question,
 explain how the paper will draw out the link between development and the
proposed environmental issue,
 identify the country (or countries) to be studied, and
 explain the strategy for answering the research question.
The annotated list of at least five (5) potential academic publications consists of
 full bibliographic information for each potential source in the format described in
the citation guidelines
 one to two sentences per source describing how it is expected to contribute to the

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