Alcohol Consumption: Discussing potential risks for informed decisions in breast cancer survivors.


The topic is very broad and allow for creativity, however, be sure to cover each of the following areas in the paper:
-Introduction and overview of the subject
-Historical perspective and hope for the future
-Statistics related to the topic
-Pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions (Include alternative and complementary therapies if appropriate)
-Implications for nursing care
-Social or Cultural implications
-Evidence based practice (If available)

750 Word Count minimum, not counting title and reference page; minimum of 3 citations within 3 years of publication from peer reviewed articles; paper must be submitted in APA format in a word document, with a title page and a reference page.

Points will be removed for failing to comply with any of the above. Article must be cited properly and failure to do so constitutes
plagiarism. Plagiarism will result in a grade of zero with or without intentions.

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