Prepare a content gap analytics report using SEO and UX analytics , create wireframe , landing page

The first assessment is a piece of coursework that tests LO1-2 and requires students to create an annotated portfolio of content appropriate to the chosen production methodology and a reflective narrative (1,000 words). This form of assessment is appropriate for this module as it provides opportunities to apply theory, specialist skills and learn through problem-based activities and production processes throughout the module.

Choose any one of the charities below and to produce three outputs
– Resources for Autism: Resources for Autism has supported autistic people and those who love and care for them for the last 25 years. Each year they help over 2,000 beneficiaries and 5,000 family members, providing practical support for those facing physical, social or emotional challenges as well as social exclusion.
1) Prepare a content gap analytics report using SEO and UX analytics to evaluate the current website (maximum 1500 words, but this should be kept to a minimum of around 300 – 500 words)
2) Create a wireframe for the home landing page to improve the current page’s content (using wireframe software- Adobe XD or Figma. No Canva). Using the insight from the content gap analysis, update the landing page design and content with appropriate call to actions (CTAs) and SEO consideration for the target audience.
3) Write a reflective narrative (1,000 words)
Recommended structure for the reflective narrative (1,000 words)
• Introduction
• Analysis/reflection of the homepage and landing, design, and build, using relevant theories and concept. (What was the group’s rationale of the design? How did the group find the process of designing the homepage and landing page? Where did group strengths lie? Which aspects did the group find challenging?)
• Conclusion and learning (what would the group do differently).
• List of references (not included in your word limit)
• Appendixes – include sections of reflective narrative (not included in your word limit).
• Use 1.5 line spacing
• Font 12 throughout
• Typeface: Arial

Assessment criteria
Criterion Weighting
Prepare a landing page content gap analytics report 10%
Create a wireframe for the landing to improve the current page content (using wireframe software). 10%
Flow and layout of the landing page build applying key concepts 20%
Update of the landing design and content with appropriate call to actions ( 20%
SEO and on page optimisation consideration 10%
Visual appeal 10%
Reflective narrative – structure and criticality 20%

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