Consumer Behaviors in Segmented Markets

Title: Consumer Behaviors in Segmented Markets

Remaining with the same company as in last week’s assignment, discuss how it reacts to the behaviors of the various segments of society described in this week’s readings, Chapters 4-7, (Mothersbaugh et al. ,2020).

The objective of this assignment is – in the role of marketing manager – to realize that every market segment has different needs and wants. How do you connect with the consumer when there are so many variations of consumers segments and still sell the product?

The following bullet points are minimum guidelines/suggestions; please add to them as you progress with the material including material from

Demographics, Population Size, and Distribution
Understanding American Generations
Pre-Depression, Depression Generation
Baby Boom Generation, Generation X, Y, Z
The Measurement of Social Class
The Nature of Subcultures
Ethnic Subcultures
Religious Subcultures, Regional Subcultures
The Content of Consumer Socialization
The Process of Consumer Socialization
The Household Lifecycle
Marketing to Children
Online Communities and Social Networks
Diffusion of Innovations
CONSUMER INSIGHT 7-1 Groups, Social Networks, and Seeding. Respond to question 3 (Mothersbaugh et al. ,2020, p. 222).
Format: APA,

Font: Times New Roman Size 12, paper length, 3-4 pages. The cover page and the reference page are additional pages and should not be included in the page count.

It is expected that papers are written in the third person, contain the proper terminology as used in the text, are spelling and grammatically correct – with a high level of clarity, and are referenced appropriately. Refrain from pasting in excerpts from the textbook as this will diminish your grade and could be considered plagiarism – resulting in a failing grade.

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