Discuss the role of workgroup norms in the work situation.

1- What are the various types of groups often found in work situations?
2 – Discuss the role of workgroup norms in the work situation.
3 – Consider how groups influence conformity and deviance in work situations.
4 – Why is knowledge of role relationships important for managers?
5 – What determines group cohesiveness, and what impact does it have on group behavior?
6 – Discuss how managers can improve intergroup relations and performance. Provide examples from your own experience to defend your arguments.

Focusing on work teams:
1 -What are the key differences between a team and a working group?
2 -At what stage of team development does the team finally start to see results?
3 – What are some strategies to make conflict more productive?
4 – Why are diverse teams better at decision-making and problem-solving?
5 – What are the key sources of cultural intelligence?
6 – Discuss how managers can use cultural intelligence in the workplace.

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