Write a paper on Decision Making and Problem Solving in the Workplace

Part of working in a team is being able to lead and organize the group you are working in as well as make informed decisions and solve problems as they arise. Consider the following scenario for this assignment:


As a long term employee at your organization you are now the chair of the annual holiday function. You have been tasked with putting together a team and coming up with this year’s event. You were told that your team must represent a diverse mindset and bring in the various viewpoints of those within the organization. Through the years there have been many different ideas of what the holiday function should look like. The marketing team believes a dinner and dancing extravaganza is needed, the HR team seems to think that the whole thing should be cancelled and everyone should get a gift card, and the finance department would like a modest dinner at a local mom and pop restaurant.

For this assignment create an agenda using one of the problem-solving agenda systems discussed in the textbook (Dewey’s Reflective Thinking, Ross’s Four-Step Agenda, Wright’s Ten Step Agenda, Brilhart-Jochem Ideation Criteria, or Functional Approach to Problem Solving) and list at least two problem solving techniques you will use in the planning process. You will need to consider the objective of the meeting and the issues that need resolved. Remember, it is important to create a realistic meeting agenda that addresses the issue at hand. Once you have created the agenda please answer the questions below:

Discuss the problem-solving agenda system you used for the meeting. Explain what this system is. What are the core communication guidelines and strategies for this system?
Explain why you selected this particular problem-solving agenda and approach. What are some of the benefits to using the approach you chose?
This assignment addresses the following unit learning outcomes:

Discuss core communication guidelines and strategies for problem-solving in professional collaboration.
Apply the group problem-solving skills to resolving workplace ethical issues.
It also addresses the following Course Outcome:

CM315-3: Explain decision-making and problem-solving techniques for small workplace groups.

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