Select a product or service as the basis for developing a sales strategy.

Students will develop a sales pitch, order development process, customer interaction, order delivery, and close out documents to finalize the sale. The format is a Powerpoint Presentation.
1. Select a product or service as the basis for developing a sales strategy.
2. Describe the product or service, and the target customer.
3. Develop a sales strategy for the product or service, including describing the high-level sales process steps:
3a. Describe the sources you will utilize to identify prospects, and the information you need from those sources.
3b. Identify the sales call objective, and how you will prepare for the call.
3c. Develop the sales pitch (keeping solutions in mind) and the sales call approach
3d. Identify possible objections and how to respond to each.
3e. Discuss closing the sale, including the close out documentation.
3f. Discuss a follow-up plan.
Review the chapters in the book “Selling Building Partnerships”(11th ed). in preparing this presentation. Your slides should be professional. They should use bullet points on your slides , speaker notes of no less than 100 words for each slide, a title on all slides, use color, use pictures to make your presentation engaging for your audience.

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