Based on the previous observations and recorded data, are your learner’s skillsets increasing, decreasing, etc. Is there any notable trend?

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Subjective observation: this should include how the learner performed per anecdotal observation and narrative report. note: THIS DOES NOT MEAN TO INCLUDE MENTALISMS
O: Objective data: please include examples of recorded data, how did the learner perform in the various programmatic tasks on which you had been working? Tell me about with the reported data.
A: Assessment of the behavior: Based on the previous observations and recorded data, are your learner’s skillsets increasing, decreasing, etc. Is there any notable trend?
P: Plan of action moving forward: How do you intend to continue to encourage progress with your learner. You should use this section to describe any modifications you may be making to programming, how you may address a specific challenging behavior, etc.

Sample Clinic Note
Clinic Note Week of September 20th Points Possible Points Earned
S: Subjective observations
This client continues to acquire new mands. We have seen an increase in use of mands to communicate what he wants during snack time. We observe that when he drops something on the floor, he must be the one to pick it up or he starts engaging in problem behavior. He will lay on the floor, and/or throw the item back on the floor. If we allow him to pick up the item, she does not engage in any problem behavior. 5 5
O: Objective data
On 9/24 the client engaged in a total of 10 mands during his 2-hour session. This is an increase from the previous two days. 9/22- 7 mands, 9/23-9 mands. He met mastery on mands for “open” and “crackers”.
On 9/23 the client engaged in problem behavior after items that fell were picked up by staff members 2 times and on 9/24, he engaged in problem behavior 1 time. 5 5
A: Assessment of the behavior
Our program for teaching mands is effective and his cumulative number of mands in on an increasing trend. The problem behavior we are seeing around picking up items indicates he has developed a routine. We will need to address and decrease this behavior. 5 5
P: Plan of action moving forward
We will continue with our current mand protocol. We are developing a reinforcement procedure paired with intermitted blocking to address the routine surrounding picking up items. We will reinforce flexibility with other individuals picking up items.
5 5
Total 20 20

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