Write a Music video analysis on the video Prince “Controversy”

This is not supposed to be a research assignment. These ideas should all come from your own head. But, if you must consult an outside source, you need to have both a Works Cited and in-text citations. Do not include a bunch of biographical information on the artist. I know most of it already. I am primarily interested in your analysis of the video in and of itself.
Make observations about at least three of the criteria below:
Body movements
Facial expressions
Negative and positive space
Any other criterion that resonates with this assignment.
Now, try to pick out how one of these aspects of the videos can be a symbol for something. (Example of a symbol: dove = peace). Explain the meaning and importance of this symbol. Or pick out how one of these aspects of the videos can be a metaphor for something. A metaphor is a comparison between two unlike things that makes a statement of its own.
Finally, look for a theme that arises from this video: specifically, what is the artist trying to tell you about gender, artifice, authenticity, societal expectations, or taboo? Is there another theme that you see emerging? Choose only one of these themes and write it as a more universal statement: something like “The video demonstrates that people …”
Suggested Structure
This essay should be 500-750 words and have at least three paragraphs. Start with a very general description of the video and song (2-3 sentences). The structure could look like this.
Paragraph 1: Description of video and selected major components
Paragraph 2: Discussion of symbol or metaphor.
Paragraph 3: Exploration of the theme of the video.
Feel free to choose your own structure; it just needs to be clear.

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