Write a comparison paper between early Roman temples and classical Greek temples

Write a comparison paper between early Roman temples (built during the late Republic and the early Empire) like the Maison Carrée or the Fortuna Virilis and classical Greek temples like the Parthenon. (Use those as examples, along with any others that serve as strong examples.)
Do NOT discuss the Pantheon, which is unlike any other temple. Do NOT confuse the Parthenon and the Pantheon. Do NOT approach this essay such that you write a paragraph (or more) about one of these temple types and then write about the other one. The results of that approach are never apples-to-apples and rarely done with any sot of thinking process. Whatever points you are comparing should address first one culture’s temples and then the other culture’s. Do use specific examples. Do NOT speak only in broad, general terms. Do NOT launch into a discussion about Roman architecture in general, that discusses their work using arches and domes. Just compare the two approaches to temples.

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