How does an individual go about joining the organization, and what is the cost of membership?

This assignment meets CACREP 2016 Standards SC 1a, SC 2l, SC 2m, and SC 2n.

History and Development of the School Counseling Profession

Using your text, articles from the library, and other electronic resources, describe the history of the school counseling profession. Then, describe professional organizations and preparation standards that have supported the development of school counseling. Finally, identify legislation and government policy specific to school counseling and school counselor licensure in your state.

Use the following to help you organize your paper:

Part 1: History of School Counseling
Briefly describe the history and evolution of the school counseling profession from the late 1800s to today.
Part 2: Development of the Profession
Identify the major professional organizations that support the development of school counselors and the profession of school counseling. Include at least one national organization and one state organization. For each, address the following:
How does the organization support the profession?
How does an individual go about joining the organization, and what is the cost of membership?
What are the benefits of membership?
Describe preparation standards (i.e., Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Education Program [CACREP] Standards) and benefits of attending a CACREP accredited school counseling program.
In this section, be sure to include information about practicum and internship requirements related to your program. Identify the number of hours and range of experiences you will be expected to complete along with basic requirements such as types of sites, site supervisor credentials, and professional liability insurance.
Part 3: Legislation and Government Policy
Identify and describe state laws and government policies governing school counselors in your state (suggestion: search within your state’s education laws and Department of Education).
Compare and contrast these requirements with CACREP preparation standards and Capella’s School Counseling program requirements.

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