Inspired Philosophy of Education

Why you teach: Have any of your courses given you new insights on your own motivation to teach both when you started teaching and in the future?

Who you teach: What new learning have you gained about your students and your relationships with them?
What you teach: Have your recent studies contributed to or expanded the content and materials you use to teach.

How you teach: What new ideas, concepts or teaching strategies are you planning to use in the future and where did they come from?

Examples are clearly and explicitly linked to Inspired Educator definition and at least 4 of the 7 literacies. ( SEE ATTACHED FILES)

please use these literacies.
1 social emotional leaner
2Learner Literacy:
3Critical Thinking Literacy:
4Assessment Literacy
I PROVIDED a sample that was given from the professor the program is early childhood education. i will also atttach my rough draft if youd like to use that but obvislu spruce it up and add the 4 literacies

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