Identify two evolving practice opportunities for nurses. Only 2 sources and 2 paragraphs is needed.

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Part 1
Chapter one in the textbook discusses nursing today and the evolving health care environment.

Identify two evolving practice opportunities for nurses. Only 2 sources and 2 paragraphs is needed.

Initial post: Each student must post an initial posting of their own that is one paragraph, which is approximately 250 words and includes scholarly references to support the posting. One of the references can be from the texts, or assigned readings. The other reference(s) must be an additional source that you have found that supports your posting. Scholarly, peer reviewed, articles meet this requirement.

Part 2
Responding to posts: Each student must respond a minimum of once during the week. The response(s) must be thoughtful, reference-based and can generate further discussion. The response(s) must be approximately 75 words. Statements such as I agree or great posting or that are general posts that do not provide additional knowledge and valuable discussion will not count as a posting.

Please respond to the post below:
Only 1 sources and 1 paragraphs is needed.

The nursing profession is evolving at the same pace as the healthcare industry. This is demonstrated by the fact that nursing has over 100 areas of specialization that encompass patient-facing and non-patient-facing roles. This plethora of specializations reflects nursings ability as a profession to keep up with this constant evolution of the healthcare system. Additionally, nursing is an evidence-based practice, which means that all areas of nursing practice (regardless of demand or popularity) are constantly evolving based on the best available research evidence, clinical expertise, and patient preference (Black, 2020). If we were to compare any nursing specialty today with the same one ten years ago, we would see that it keeps evolving its practice based on the newest available research and evidence-based practice.

Furthermore, new practices for nurses have emerged based on the population’s needs and cost-effectiveness. Two of these emergent practices are Clinical Nurse Leaders (CNL) and Community Health Nursing, specifically its home health service branch (Black 2020). Clinical Nurse Leaders must have a masters degree and are considered clinical experts trained to design, implement, and evaluate the delivery of patient care plans to improve patient health outcomes (CNL vs. CNS: what’s the difference?, 2022)

Community Health Nursing is not limited to nurses who work in an ambulatory clinic. Community health nursing can be implemented in various community-based settings including homes. This form of nursing is commonly known as home health nursing. The practice was born out of the need to care for patients who need help managing chronic conditions and to care for patients who may experience adverse health conditions caused by the cost control policies that drive patient care practices in our current health care system (Black, 2020).

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