Discuss the Colonial History and Political Context of Burundi

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To complete this step, your essay and research should, at the very least, include answers, rationales, and insights into the following questions regarding your country. Organize your work into a readable and persuasive essay. Do not provide one-line answers to the questions below.

1. Basic information about your country of study:
What is the name of the country you are researching? What was its name prior to colonial rule?
What is the capital city of the country being researched? Did the capital city change its name after colonial rule?
Briefly describe the country you are researching to indicate its geographical location and topography (e.g., tropical, desert, savanna, mountainous or a combination).
2. Colonial history of your country of study:
Which European colonial power ruled this territory and when?
What was the nature and type of colonial rule in the country you are researching?
How did colonial occupation impact the following?
local political structures;
social and cultural institutions (e.g., land ownership, marriage, inheritance, gender relations, etc.);
traditional religions and/or spiritual practices;
the economy
What were the two major events during colonial occupation that catalyzed the process of independence?
When (the date) did the country gain independence? Who became the leader of the country at independence? How is independence celebrated in contemporary society?
3. Current political context:
What type of political system was introduced immediately after independence, and what changes were made in the two decades after independence?
Explain how the politics of the country have changed over the last twenty years.
Who is the present leader of your assigned country?
What is the current political system in place? Name the main political parties.
When were the last elections held, and what was the outcome, that is, which political party gained power and which political party ceded power (if relevant)?
How did the contending parties, the populace, the media, and election observers react to the election results?
When is the next election scheduled to be held?
Assess the state of the political system and the role of the media in the country you are researching.
What is the current relationship between the U.S. and your assigned country?
4. Conclusion:
Using all the data you have collected and the analyses you have conducted pertaining to the above questions, write a conclusion addressing how the current political context in your country of study has not only been influenced by colonial rule but also by African regional political developments and the international political context.

5. Other Requirements:
Select at least 3 sources from PSU library http://psu.libguides.com/UPafr110 and http://psu.libguides.com/african-studies.
Then select at least SIX academic sources of your choosing.
NOTE: The Huffington Post, New York Times, or Wikipedia ARE NOT vetted ACADEMIC sources and should NOT BE USED IN THIS CLASS. A balanced choice of academic sources will include a journal article, a book, and other web related sources.

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