Buy in proposal for a midwife and doula to decrease cesaran rates for NSVT.

8-12 power point presentation for a stakeholder to generate intrest and a buy in proposal to hire an extra midwife and doula on staff to reduce cesaran rates for NSVT. Explains an organizational issue for which a collaborative interdisciplinary team approach would help achieve a specific goal, noting potential consequences of not addressing the issue. Summarizes an evidence based interdisciplinary plan to address an organizational or patient issue, noting specific sources of evidence used to develop the plan. Explains how the interdisciplinary plan could be implimented and how the human and financial resources would be managed, providing real world examples relevant to the context of the health care organization. proposes evidence-based criteria to evaluate the degree to which the project was successful in achieving the improvement goal, noting specific sources of evidence used to develop the criteria. Slides are easy to read and clutter free. Slide background is vissually pleasing witha contrasting color for the text and may utilize graphics. Detailed speaker notes are provided. Organizes content with clear purpose/goals. Power point slides support main points, assertions, arguments, conculsions or recommendations with relevant and evidence- based sources within 5 years APA formated refrence list

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