Acts of Altruism

For this simple writing assignment, you will be writing on Acts of Altruism. Please look this up if you are not familiar with the phrase, but I am certain you have done this before. Your content on the four elements below should be a page or more in length. Make sure to include All of the following in your paper.

1. What is Acts of Altruism?

Please do not just copy a definition from a source, give them credit for their definition by identifying the source.
2. Describe an Acts of Altruism you have performed or expect to perform.
Describe in detail what did/ will you be doing.
What led you to this for others?
How did others feel? How did you feel?
3. Describe how culture impacts Acts of Altruism. For example, you should.
Compare and contrast different cultures
Discuss significant characteristics of other cultures
Describe how one’s culture has shaped their identity and world view
Describe how to adjust your actions to successful interaction with those outside your culture.

4. What are the benefits and impacts of engaging in Acts of Altruism?

What are the understanding do others receive? Do you receive?
Describe successful engagement in civic activities.
What are some actions one should take as a citizen?

Make certain to have a complete page or more and all four items listed above.

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