2-1 Ethics and Business Statistics Paper

Data is an important part of business and operations. As such, data privacy and appropriate handling of information is crucial for accurate tracking and monitoring of ethical practices. Your knowledge and understanding of ethical and legitimate use of data is vital as you validate your analyses of the superstore in your role as a business consultant.

In this scenario, you are a business consultant trainee working with a retail superstore. Your vice president of operations has asked you to share your general understanding of ethics in data analytics. This will give the vice president an opportunity to evaluate your ability to implement ethics in your business consulting projects. This will also help you to prevent potential ethical issues and concerns arising due to unethical or illegal usage, analysis, and presentation of data.

You will share your understanding by discussing potential data analytics ethical issues related to either your current career/industry or one that you aspire to work in. The issues you outline should be specifically related to data and analytics. You will then compare these ethical issues to potential ethical issues the retail superstore should consider relating to the retail industry. This short paper will also help you understand how to use data sets consciously and ethically for different analyses and presentations.

For the purposes of this assignment, you will identify and discuss ethical issues in data and analytics for the E-Commerce industry.

1. Identify explain potential ethical issues related to data and analytics in the E-Commerce industry.
What are the potential ethical issues?
What could be the causes of these issues?

2. Describe how the ethical issues of the E-Commerce industry are similar to or different from potential ethical issues the retail superstore should consider.
Which of the ethical issues you identified above are similar to those of the superstore’s retail industry?
Which of the ethical issues you identified above are different from those of the superstore’s retail industry?

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