Reading Response-Non-Fiction-closing reading

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1: Choose a moment from one of this week’s texts that had an effect on you. This could be something that surprised you, confused you, challenged you, troubled you, excited you, or stuck with you. A moment could be a scene, an image, a character or interaction.

How did you feel when you read this? How do you feel in the aftermath? (you will be given a writing prompt related to that week’s text. Take about 30 minutes to respond, informally, to the prompt while avoiding summarizing. Speak closely and personally about the texts. The goal of the assignment is not to submit polished work, but rather to think through writing. If the prompt doesn’t interest you, you can write on some aspect of the text that DOES interest you.) -150 words

2. close reading-(example attached to file) Include a question the class could consider about the text – one that pushes us into the text, the world, ourselves.

Also, include the correct MLA citation for your text. -(150words)

Separate the 1 and 2

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