Public Health in the News / Public Health Nurse (PHN) interventions

Please read instructions carfully and include all parts.

Please usea headdings : (Including Abstract & Conclusion)

Public Health in the News

There are two goals for this assignment:
(1) To raise your awareness of public health endeavors covered by the media;
(2) To help practice writing Public Health Nurse (PHN) interventions, identifying primary, secondary, tertiary prevention goals, and using the Minnesota Department of Health Public Health Interventions Wheel.

Refer to Assessment Tool on page 599 in 6th edition of textbook, or Appendix C, pp. 594-605 in 5th edition of textbook (Foundations for Population Health in Community/Public Health Nursing, by Stanhope & Lancaster).

Each student will locate a recent article on a public health issue from a current print media such as a newspaper or magazine (examples: Times-Union Jacksonville-or any other local paper, New York Times, CNN, USA Today, Newsweek, Time Magazine).

Instructions for completing this assignment:
1. What is the public health issue/problem(s) addressed in the article?
2. Was the information presented in the article reliable (i.e., based on reliable, evidenced based, medical/public health facts/information) and how determined?
3. Why is the article relevant to public health nurses and all nurses?

Include copy of article reviewed, or link to the article.

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