How mangers make decisions

This is an essay-type question with a maximum limit of 1000 words
The question is:
To what extent does limited capacity for information processing determine how we use System 1 and System 2 thinking? What are the implications of this relationship for how managers make decisions?

You don’t need to cite outside sources because they need more of your analysis, if necessary: you can choose to write the theory you use in parentheses after who wrote it.
It is expected to be highly original and have your own analysis, please do not copy and paste external sources.

The word limit for each question is 1000 words(max).
The question on limited capacity processing, System 1/System 2
do not “copy and paste” from other sources.
Supplement your notes on the core material with selective extra reading
Supplement your notes on the core material with your own examples (real or hypothetical). Try to include general and managerial examples.
Supplement you notes on the core material with clever observations / unanswered questions / contradictions in the literature. This is showing critical awareness, an important element required for top marks. You do not have to provide answers for unanswered questions, but if you do, ensure you have evidence to support this (citing another author’s work, for instance). Do not just offer your unsupported opinion.
pay very close attention to the actual question.

I have organized ppt of relevant courses on this task into documents for viewing,please check.

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