Food Science

1. Describe the process of enzymatic browning. Please include the chemical reaction of
enzymatic browning with a discussion of the process.

2. List prevention treatments of enzymatic browning and why is each one effective.

3. Discuss why fruits brown when bruised, even when the skin is intact.

4. Why is it that bananas mixed with cubed oranges in a fruit cup do not turn brown?

5. A catering company must set up a cheese & fruit tray for a party. The fruit that will be sliced is Red Delicious apples. Which treatment would work the best for keeping the fruit from turning brown during the party and why?

6. Explain the differences between the US Standard System, SI, and Metric Systems used for measuring ingredients?

7. Describe the appropriate technique for measuring flour for your cookie recipe.

8. What errors in product could happen if flour is not measured accurately with appropriate technique using dry measure cups?

9. Explain why is it important to sift flour before measuring in a dry measure cup.

10. Explain the technique for measuring dry ingredients using measuring spoons.

11. Why is using a liquid measuring cup for measuring liquid ingredients important?

12. What ingredients could be measured with a food scale? In what situation with cooking is a food scale commonly used?

13. Why is it important to select a measuring tool close to the amount needed for a recipe?

14. When one is measuring any ingredients, should one measure over the bowl that contains all the other ingredients? Explain your answer.

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