Digital Forensic Environment Review and Analysis

Using the policy matrix created in previous steps, you and your team members will complete a Digital Forensic Environment Review and Analysis of the international laws and regulations that deal with data acquisition, preservation, analysis, and transfer. This environment review and analysis is the Forensic Analysis Report

Narrator: You are a cybersecurity professional in the information security branch for a government agency in your assigned location. Today, you received an email from your CISO that directed you and other members of your team to a meeting about a new cybersecurity team assignment. As the meeting is about to start, you leave your office, head to the conference room, and take a seat next to your colleagues. Your CISO is there, standing in the front of the conference room.
CISO: Congratulations! You’ve been assigned to the cyber team for our agency at the Five Eyes (FVEY) global economic summit in the United Kingdom.

The summit will be held at a country club and resort near London. As part of the summit, your team is tasked with setting up and maintaining a secure communications network.

The network will need to be accessible by authorized users via cellular phones, laptops, desktops, and tablets. The network will also need to interface with the primary network servers here at the agency’s headquarters.

Colleague: Are we setting up a joint comms center with other members of Five Eyes?

CISO: No. Each nation will set up its own independent secure comms network. While the partner nations in FVEY do have intelligence sharing and mutual defense agreements, not all data is shared. Some allies in FVEY have occasionally “spied” on other members, hacked secure communications networks, or cut off intelligence sharing due to their own national security concerns, particularly with respect to protection of communications or intelligence collection sources and methods. There have been several incidents of anomalous network activity at our agency of late. Attribution of this activity is unknown. It may or may not be related to the upcoming FYVE summit. The summit begins in four weeks. Before you head off to the summit, however, there is a lot of preparatory work to be done. Get started!

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