Case Study – Three Mile Island Crisis in Communication

Case Study – Three Mile Island Crisis in Communication

In 1979, the Nuclear Reactor at Three Mile Island (PA) encountered a catastrophic failure. However, that wasn’t the biggest story. What followed the incident was a bevy of errors, lies, miscommunication, and deliberately hiding information from the public, especially the residents of the nearby town and the workers at the facility.

Your task is to research the incident from a COMMUNICATION PERSPECTIVE, and then break down, in brief, what happened, what went wrong, and what could have been improved. Remember, the focus of this course is communication and so should your paper.

Here are a few quick articles to get you started:

The Communications Failures Lessons of Three Mile Island

If you’re really interested, and you have Netflix, there is a short limited series called, “Meltdown” which gives great insight into exactly what happened and how it was handled from a communication standpoint. Not necessary to watch, but I really enjoyed it.

1) Provide a brief synopsis of the situation (2-3 paragraphs)

2) Answer the following:
A) what you think officials of Three Mile Island (government/electric company) did well?
B) what you think officials of Three Mile Island (government/electric company) did Poorly?
C) How leadership would have been portrayed both internally and externally?
D) What advice would you have given them about doing something differently (come up with at least one suggestion)?
E) What could they have done if this happened now, as opposed to 1979?
F) What other options would have been there for them to communicate and how would you advise them to use those channels?

3) Length: 4 pages double-spaced – no including Works Cited

4) Include a Works Cited 6 total (the 3 provided) And at least 3 sources other than those listed above

5) On the first page, put your name, class, assignment, and title of your work

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