Why is it important to collaborate with other educators, both inside and outside of your specific school setting, when engaging in teacher inquiry?


Mertler, C. A. (2020). Action research: Improving schools and empowering educators (6th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Chapter 1, “Introduction to Action Research” (pp. 6-32)

Chapter 2, “Overview of the Action Research Process” (pp. 33–49)

Chapter 3, “Planning for Action Research & Reviewing Related Literature” (pp. 52–83)

Appendix A, “Sample action research Report: What is the Impact of Positive Female Models and Mentoring Opportunities on the Self-Efficacy of Girls in Science?” (pp. 274-283)

Appendix C, “Action Research Developmental Templates” (pp. 299-308)

To Prepare:
Consider the information presented in the Pick-A-Researcher, Week 2 teacher interviews and in the Litmus Test Game, and conduct a brief search of the literature related to your research question(s).
With the information from the game in mind, develop several research questions specific to your (specialization.) Design questions that would pass the Litmus Test and that will guide robust research exploration in your classroom.
*****SPECIALIZATION: Science Grades K-8 (Currently teach middle school 6th grade science)

Required Media Links



For this Discussion, you will share the topic you plan to study and the research question(s) you will consider using as the basis for action research in your classroom or educational setting.

Post the following:

The topic you plan to study. Include how it relates to the specialization you are studying for your MSED degree.

Three research questions that you will consider using as a basis for an action research study in your classroom or educational setting.

An explanation as to why your selected research questions would be effective in guiding a viable research exploration and how they reflect an issue, problem, idea, or dilemma prominent in your current professional life. Provide a rationale for your research questions engaging with the Litmus Test and data you have collected in your educational setting as support.

Then, post the following:

The revised research question(s) you want to use for your action research study.
A response to the following questions:

How did you consider all aspects of your teaching context and the peer-reviewed literature in the design of your research question(s)?

How did collaboration with your teaching colleague collaborator(s) and course colleagues help define your research question(s)?

Why is it important to collaborate with other educators, both inside and outside of your specific school setting, when engaging in teacher inquiry?

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