Who is your client

Design Feasibility: Who is Your Client?

Post a reply to this Discussion with a very in-depth and engaging essay about the client that hired you for your Design Feasibility Report. Your client must be 100% made up by you. You cannot use a real person or base your client on a real person. Put on your sculptors’ cap on and grab your chisel and hammer. It’s time to get your Michelangelo on and create your very own, extremely detailed, complex, beautifully flawed, amazing human being, who has hired you to design their house!

I want you to breath as much life into this person/s as you can. Make them up and let us know who they are. DO NOT JUST BULLET POINT THIS! Write it as if you are talking with us and describing this person in great detail. Try and make them “real”. Don’t fall into the trap of making them a famous athlete, or movie star. Do not just talk about their highlights and achievements. Adding a few flaws and setbacks can really help make them feel real. Have you never had a setback in your life… Exactly!

You can make your client a couple, someone that is single, a widow, young entrepreneur, old and cranky, or a mix of anything you want. They can have any lifestyle, personality, career that you can imagine. You are in control! Just make them feel 100% authentic and real. DO NOT GO OVER THE TOP! Then back up your description with some pictures.

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