What are some examples of fast-food restaurants that have health-conscious alternatives for Max?

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Assignment Overview
For this assignment, you will create a nutritional plan for Max who wishes to lose weight and add exercise to his schedule.

This assignment is intended to introduce basic nutritional principles such as energy requirements, sources, and uses. You will also differentiate between macronutrient and micronutrient concepts and describe their physiological functioning, while applying human nutritional theories and relevant research to create a patient’s nutritional plan.

Assignment Details
Perform the following tasks:

Complete the reading assignment and the interactive lecture before attempting this assignment.
Please review Max’s Information in the Week 1 Assignment Worksheet Download Week 1 Assignment Worksheet.
Create a nutritional plan for Max using https://www.myplate.gov/myplate-plan Links to an external site.. In no more than 250 words, answer the following questions in paragraph form:
Would the MyPlate method be a practical approach for Max?
What information did you enter to the MyPlate tool to create Max’s MyPlate Plan?
How might environment impact his food choices and physical activity levels?
Think about Max’s individual needs:
Food patterns vary with needs, tastes, habits, living situations, energy needs.
What are some examples of fast-food restaurants that have health-conscious alternatives for Max?
In your e-textbook, refer to the summary of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2020-2025 (Figure 1.5). How could you incorporate the key recommendations into a healthy lifestyle plan for Max?

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