Scholarly review of a critical text (Hystoriographic Metafiction: The Victorian Madwoman and Women’s Mental Health in 21st- Century British by Fiction Muller, Nadine) (1,000 words)

Q. Select a research article or chapter (i.e. something between 8000-10000 words; do not choose a scholarly monograph); My chosen journal- Hystoriographic Metafiction: The Victorian Madwoman and Women’s Mental Health in 21st- Century British by Fiction Muller, Nadine.
Write a 1000 word scholarly review on it that summarises the main points of the paper, and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the research findings. You could consider the choice of texts, the purported gap in the literature, the investigative approach, choice of evidence, and validity of the conclusions made.

MHRA format.


INSTRUCTIONS kindly follow them so that i can accept your work happily :
1) Knowledge and Understanding
In both the creative piece(s) and critical reflection:
• Exceptional comprehension of the demands and possibilities of the creative project.
• Nuanced sensitivity towards the social, political, and ethical implications of the chosen
themes, settings, and perspectives.
• Exceptionally inventive and effective approaches to reader/audience engagement. I
n the critical reflection:
• Exceptional knowledge of how the creative piece advances existing practice.
• Sophisticated usage of relevant vocabulary and terminology (as appropriate).
2)Conceptual Skills and Craft
In the creative piece(s):
• A unique and compelling literary voice.
• Exceptionally original and technically adept crafting of themes, perspectives, and
• Sophisticated deployment of linguistic, poetic, and narrative techniques (as
appropriate to chosen genre).
3)In the critical reflection:
• An analytically sophisticated reflection on the writer’s aims and practice, demonstrating critical insight, outstanding self-awareness, and sensitivity.
• A reflection that is clear and logical in structure and extremely well supported with sophisticated selection and use of evidence.
• Sustained evidence of creative and constructive redrafting, revising and writing research methods.

4) Presentation:
• Exceptional and consistent presentation and formatting as appropriate to chosen form and genre; any experimentation is purposeful and effective.
• Minimal errors of spelling, grammar, or punctuation, if any or, where present in the creative piece(s), are clearly for effect.
• The critical reflection is written clearly, concisely, and effectively.
• Full, accurate, and consistent referencing and bibliographical formatting.

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