moral panic

The “moral panic” and houses of refuge were an early starting point that led to the development of a juvenile justice system. Describe the “moral panic” that led to the founding of the houses of refuge. Who were the leaders of this movement, and what did they hope to accomplish? How did this approach contribute to the result of a juvenile justice system? What led to the creation of the first juvenile court in America in 1899? What did the early juvenile justice system look like, and how did it function differently from the adults system?

Be sure to address all questions asked in the main prompt. Your response to the main question should be no less than two double spaced pages, written using an introduction, body, conclusion, proper spelling, English, grammar, and you should reference and cite the text where you present factual information.

Please remember to engage with two fellow students, or to respond two of my supplemental questions with substantive content posts. With the main post response and your secondary engagement there should be a minimum of three posts each week.

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