Identify what specific psychological knowledge will need to be featured on self a prompting materials to support your goal.

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Using the premise of the principles and the barriers he shares, as well as the knowledge you have attained throughout your program, reflect on and discuss the following:

If your future career could look like anything in the world, what would it look like?

(This is what my future career would look like:
A physical fitness trainer that helps women get fit, as well as develop ways that they can mentally and emotionally understand themselves in a way that shows them a better way of navigating the changes we experience as women.)

Using this vision, develop one or more goals (Dalio’s Step 1).

Identify what specific psychological knowledge will need to be featured on self a promotion materials to support your goal.

Next, follow Dali’s steps 2 to 4 for success.
Identify what problems stand in your way of achieving your goals.

Identify the root causes of the problems.

Design a plan to eliminate the problems.

Lastly, discuss your thoughts about executing your plan (Step 5): What concerns do you have? What things have you accomplished that will support you in this execution?

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